Mars Hydro Pro Series 160 Epistar

For the horticulture farmers, the Mars Hydro Pro Series 160 Epistar can be one of those powerful led growing light that has ever been created. In fact from recent research on its energy efficiency, the Mars hydro have been considered to be among the best. Its efficiency has resulted from the features that its manufacturers have incorporated into it. More about the productivity of this hydro pro have been discussed in this article.

The very first advantage is the amount of energy it maximizes. It cuts out down power usage to a maximum of 600 watts per every light it emits. This is a very important figure as it helps eliminate any wastage of supplying spectrums that are never needed for the specific growth cycle of a plant. The best part of Mars pro is that you can be in a position to set into either for bloom, growth or veg cycles. Each of those stages consumes different amount if power, but you can always be assured to saving much cash as you never need additional equipment by using the inbuilt in smart control features.

On the other hand, Mars hydro, also have the versatile ability for any soil or medium. This has been important in creating a good horticultural environment. It usually outperforms the existing lighting configuration regardless of the horticultural environment available. Through this case, you should always be sure and guaranteed of a reliable source of light that can help grow crops in any the soils.

As automation is the game of the day, Mars Hydro has also not been left behind. It has a smart management system that allows individuals to easily check on both the prevailing temperatures and the humidity of the soil through the use of a remote screen. It is fitted with setup timers and some growth cycle settings with an inbuilt management software. These features, therefore, enables you to monitor and manage your garden from the comfort of your house or coach. For more information about it check here http://weedsumo.com/mars-hydro-led-grow-lights/

The Mars Pro Series also have photosynthetic action spectrums that are incorporated in them. This makes it possible to make adjustments in the spectral output that will best suit and match the growth cycle of your garden. Among the available spectrums include the bloom spectrum which is the maximum amount of light that can ever be produced. One can also adjust the spectrum to the growth spectrum which is also known as the vegetative stage. This specific kind of spectrum majorly focuses on the white and the blue spectrums. On the third place is the seedling clone spectrum which is known to deliver a very low output of the white and the blue spectrums which are important in saving over 80% of the electricity that is consumed.

As we sum on this information, the Mars hydro pro Series 160 Epistar has for more than the last six years developing and generating the led grow light industry. Their reliability and performance have been the key to their global recognition and therefore, you can be sure of gaining a good experience and a true potential in your horticultural farming.

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